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Continuing his occasional series on Interior Design, Deirdre Dyson’s Company Manager & trained Interior Designer Edison Abidi gives his tips on bringing Spring colour into your home.

Although UK weather is never reliable or consistent (except when it rains!) we’re well into Spring and there’s no better time to draw inspiration from this seasons colour trend of pastel peaches, yellow, light rose quartz through to earthy, coffee colours and natural green and blue tones.

Pantone Spring 2016 Color Report

If there isn’t much in the way of sparkling clear waters, warmer sun and delicate flowers outside, then introduce these reference colours onto your walls, floors and accessories by applying spring colours in combination or by using only a select few.


It’s nice to think on a grander scale such as this interior featured by Elle Décor, where modern classic and traditional work well in a space.

If, like many other homes, you have plain light walls, then changing the general colour palette should be easy and won’t require a lot of time or expense. By introducing a few select items here and there, you can achieve the spring look that will take you right through spring, summer, into Autumn and way beyond.


Mix and match modern fixtures alongside vintage and vintage inspired pieces. These are often produced in vibrant, as well as muted tones.

A grey background (found here on the expanse of floor) really helps even the most muted colours to stand out.

Photo: Nothing Can Go Wrong / Photowall ‘Gap Year Red’

For a bolder statement, try picking two or three contrasting colours and work them to the max. This bold wallpaper with vibrant red and dark blue leaves, works surprisingly well against the woven, blue carpet and the gold and black accessories.

Our Coral carpet is the perfect choice for a floor feature and encapsulates the feeling of spring and is bang on trend with this years, spring colours.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs CORAL

On a much smaller scale, try adding some vintage glass vases and beakers to a shelf, window sill or table top. These usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look spectacular when grouped together with simple, freshly cut flowers.

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Inspiring Spring…

In the latest of Edison’s occasional interior design posts he draws inspiration from this season’s colours.

Now that spring has arrived and summer is just a few months away, I’m always interested to check out the new season’s colours.

Seasonal colour palettes draw inspiration from the moment but with suggested longevity, way beyond the season for which it is intended. Use them as guides to colour combinations and let them take you on an imaginative, creative journey.

This seasons colours remind me of the beautiful Islamic tiles found in the old Persian regions of Iran and Iraq or those found even closure to home, such as Turkey or Tunisia.

Wonderfully ornate but with a sense of lightness, these colours are often blended together to create dynamic patterns that flow into one another seamlessly, by way of soft geometry.

In a flawless execution and with absolute precision, the smallest pattern is in essence, a part of a larger, more intricate picture.

By using the softer end of the colour palette, you can go bolder with your pattern. Blue Mosaic wallpaper

These mosaics use elements of the Pantone colour palette to bold, visual effect and can be applied to floors as well as the walls.

Our BEJEWELLED design from the ‘Mosaic Collection’ combines the softer colours of the palette too but with shots of the pink and blue to great effect. The perfect Aladdin’s carpet.

We’ll be posting carpet designs featuring each colour on our Instagram feed over the last two weeks of April, click here to view our full feed.