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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Edison’s latest post explores the various ways mirrors can be used to reflect light and increase the sense of space in interiors.

Now that we are into summer, it’s always a good time to have a bit of a dust down and de-clutter. Open those curtains wide, pull up those blinds and let those sun rays into your home.

As part of this ‘bathing in the light’, what better way than to reflect it by use of mirrors.

A glass treatment associated with wealth and opulence, particularly during the renaissance and up to the late 19th century, glass mirrors date back to ancient Lebanon and the early Roman period, when glass was backed with gold leaf.

Mirrors are now the staple décor item of most homes and come in a range of shapes and sizes. What you choose and how you use them is entirely up to you, but here a few ideas you may wish to consider.

Photography by Tria Giovan
Source: Simone Soares

Group similar mirrors together on one wall to create a reference and feature. Similar designs of different sizes add more visual interest than the usual, single hanging mirror.

Photograph: Nicolas Mathéus

This curvy, postmodern mirror looks more like an installation or sculpture within this modernist scheme.

But mirrors are not just confined to framed pieces. You can go as high and as wide as you dare. Think wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

Remember, mirrors reflect and expand space, so are perfect for darker rooms or smaller spaces. The key is to harbour as much of the needed light as possible, whilst creating the illusion of space.

In this eclectic interior, antique finished, square mirrors have been used on the entire wall to reflect back the space in a more muted way.

The featured kitchen designed by Lecaro Limited, uses rippled mirrors, cut at different angles, to line the walls of the concealed kitchen in this modern penthouse apartment.


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5 Luxury Rugs to Breathe Life into Your Living Space

There is no better way to bring life to your interior than commission a perfectly proportioned hand knotted luxury rug, custom designed and coloured to suit your space.

The right rug anchors a room, can create a template for the colours used in an interior, frame a piece of furniture, ‘zone’ a space or be a focal point in itself.  Within Deirdre Dyson’s Rug Collection there is something for every scheme.

We’ve selected five of Deirdre Dyson’s luxurious bespoke hand knotted rugs to show how the right design can really bring a space to life.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Plumes


This dynamic design uses three colours, one wool and two silk, making it an easy rug to incorporate into any interior.

It’s the intricacy of this hand knotted rug that truly brings it to life, with a lower pile height and the careful carving of elements, this fine rug sits comfortably in a traditional or contemporary context.

Here it looks perfect in the modernist Ahm House with a classic Arne Jacobsen Egg chair anchoring this restful seating area.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Attitude


An apparently simple design that actually uses five colours in the silk ‘bars’ which can reflect the colours used in your interior, dialling up or down the colour to suit the mood of the room.

In this light and airy open plan penthouse apartment, a range of blues reflect not only the blue supporting columns and the furniture and accessories selected by the owner but also the sky outside.

The carpet also zones the seating area bordered by an L shaped sofa, whilst glass coffee tables are cleverly used so the view of the entire rug design is unobstructed, adding to the light and airy feel of the space.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Forest Mosaic


What better way to breathe life into a room than bring the outside in?  The rich palette of green silks used in FOREST MOSAIC would bring an organic freshness to any interior, particularly restful tones for a bedroom or sitting room.

Mosaic is one of Deirdre’s signature motifs and the intricacy of mosaic carpets allow the introduction of several colours which can have varying tonal shifts – for instance ROSE MOSAIC uses graduated reds and pinks whilst the mosaic effect adds a contemporary edge to the floral theme.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Harlequin


This modernist hallway is lifted by the bold primary colours in Deirdre’s HARLEQUIN hand knotted rug from this year’s PLUMAGE Collection.

The pops of red, black and white provide focal points and elements of drama contrasting with the strong blue shades in its wool/silk mix background and work perfectly with the stark simplicity of the brickwork walls and carefully selected furniture and objets.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Dawn


The graded silk copper bars in this hand knotted design reflect the burnished metal fence enclosing the patio outside and the graded blue wool reflects the sky.

Referencing the outside expands the sense of space in this narrow room, cleverly creating an optical illusion as the design is also reflected in the large expanse of glass.

Deirdre Dyson’s colour choices in this rug lifts this otherwise stark garden room and gives focus and softness to a space that could otherwise seem austere and unwelcoming.  The perfect place to relax on the classic Eames lounge chairs!

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