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Inspiring Spring…

In the latest of Edison’s occasional interior design posts he draws inspiration from this season’s colours.

Now that spring has arrived and summer is just a few months away, I’m always interested to check out the new season’s colours.

Seasonal colour palettes draw inspiration from the moment but with suggested longevity, way beyond the season for which it is intended. Use them as guides to colour combinations and let them take you on an imaginative, creative journey.

This seasons colours remind me of the beautiful Islamic tiles found in the old Persian regions of Iran and Iraq or those found even closure to home, such as Turkey or Tunisia.

Wonderfully ornate but with a sense of lightness, these colours are often blended together to create dynamic patterns that flow into one another seamlessly, by way of soft geometry.

In a flawless execution and with absolute precision, the smallest pattern is in essence, a part of a larger, more intricate picture.

By using the softer end of the colour palette, you can go bolder with your pattern. Blue Mosaic wallpaper

These mosaics use elements of the Pantone colour palette to bold, visual effect and can be applied to floors as well as the walls.

Our BEJEWELLED design from the ‘Mosaic Collection’ combines the softer colours of the palette too but with shots of the pink and blue to great effect. The perfect Aladdin’s carpet.

We’ll be posting carpet designs featuring each colour on our Instagram feed over the last two weeks of April, click here to view our full feed.