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Edison’s musings on the iconic Fashion Photographer Guy Bourdin

As winter draws ever closer, it’s crazy to think how quickly the time has passed and that Maison 2020 is just around the corner.

It only seems like yesterday that we were on location at some fabulous properties, taking lifestyle images for Deirdre’s successful ‘Plumage Rug Collection’ styled by Louisa Grey.

In fact, that was a year ago and looking back at some of the wonderful photography by Michael Sinclair, I noticed a Guy Bourdin photograph pictured on one of the walls next to Deirdre’s QUILLS carpet.

How fitting, seeing that London Fashion Week is currently in full swing.

Considered as one of the important founders of contemporary photography, Bourdin’s images are highly charged and highly provocative; full of sensual and mysterious narrative but remaining colourful and often playful.

His advertising campaigns became synonymous with haute-couture whilst the product always came secondary to the image.

Even Madonna paid homage to Guy Bourdin in her 2003 ‘Hollywood’ music video, drawing direct inspiration from his most iconic images.

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A conversation with Interiors Stylist Louisa Grey

We have worked with Interiors Stylist and House of Grey Founder Louisa Grey on Deirdre’s rug collection lifestyle shoots for several years now.

Louisa never fails to bring a fresh creative approach to the styling of each collection and really brings Deirdre’s rug designs to life.

We wanted to hear a bit more about Louisa’s approach to styling this year’s Paper & Stone Collection, watch the full IGTV interview below.

Deirdre Dyson NOTEPAPER (wall) and OFFCUTS (floor) from the Paper & Stone Collection, styled by Louisa Grey & Photographed by Michael Sinclair