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THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT – Evolution in Interior Design

Edison explores the Butterfly theory, evolution in interior design and Deirdre Dyson’s Butterfly-inspired hand knotted rug collection.

Deirdre Dyson BORBOLETA hand knotted wool and silk rug

The butterfly effect (or theory) introduced by meteorologist Edward Lorenz is now more commonly used to describe how the smallest occurrence can lead to even greater changes, with even bigger consequences down the line. This ultimately leads to the conclusion that forecasting the future, can be nearly impossible.

This has never been so true than in the world of interior design. There is always a high probability that projects will take on new routes with numerous, untimely and unpredictable changes occurring throughout the design process.

The conclusion may often end up to be quite different to what was expected when the early concepts began. A simple change of mind regarding paint colour, a piece of furniture, wallpaper pattern, scale of a picture or positioning of lighting can ultimately have an impact on the evolution of an entire scheme. This is particularly true when continuity and cohesiveness is required throughout the home, when one area can directly affect another.

Deirdre Dyson PALOMA hand knotted wool and silk rug

The beauty of a Deirdre Dyson bespoke rug is that every carpet design is adaptable and can be tailored individually to each client specification, be it concluded or still evolving.

While certain elements are being considered, then the shape, size and colour of your proposed rug can be altered and tweaked according to changes in an advancing project. Only then, on final sign off, are carpets put into production.

For a better understanding of how changes often occur, here is one example of Deirdre’s BORBOLETA design that required three changes in accordance to the evolving scheme, before reaching the final design.

Edison has taken three rug designs from the Butterfly Collection PAPILLON, FARFALLA and PSYCHE and created inspiring mood boards with each, visit our dedicated Pinterest board to see the results.

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