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Deirdre‘s ribbon designs are enduringly popular – CARNIVALSTREAMER and FALLING RIBBONS never fail to capture people’s imaginations.

These designs are so versatile and lend themselves to any space in the home, the alternate colours on the ribbons create flow and depth and can easily be adapted to suit any scheme.

Deirdre enjoys revisiting signature rug designs and updating colours, which she has done recently with both STREAMER and CARNIVAL and we’re really excited by the results!

Here’s a sneak peak of the new designs hanging with the originals…

A new version of STREAMER with vibrant blue ribbon on the perfect neutral ground.

Our previous sample colourway with broody deep dark red ribbon on a grey ground, a great illustration of colour dramatically altering a design.

New CARNIVAL colourways – a muted, versatile palette which really emphasises the ‘unravelling’ effect.

New and old CARNIVAL colourways side by side.

Both older rugs are now included in our Sample sale or contact us to create your very own bespoke version.

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Deirdre’s Design Inspiration – Water

Deirdre Dyson at work in her studio at home.


Continuing our exploration of inspiration and what keeps us #INspired, Deirdre draws inspiration for her designs from myriad sources but one recurring area of fascination is water – be it BULRUSHES reflected in a lake or lapping water on the shore in SEAWASH.

We thought exploring some of these rug designs would be fascinating – the source of inspiration being fundamentally the same, the designs themselves could not be more different.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs BULRUSHES

One of Deirdre’s more figurative designs and one that has captured people’s imagination and become a classic and was inspired by Deirdre’s painting of the same name.

This rug features the naturally abstracted forms of bulrushes, their bending shafts reflected and refracted in lake water.

Deirdre uses a graded wool/silk mix background to recreate the skyline and lake water which merge on the horizon to create this perfectly framed design.  The finished rug is so captivating one client choose to hang it on a wall of their home.

BULRUSHES won both the International Wool Carpet & Rug Awards (Design Sector) 2017 and the International Design & Architecture Awards (Flooring, Carpet & Rugs) 2017.



SEAWASH indigo
Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs SEAWASH INDIGO

The success of Deirdre’s SEAWASH rug design is all in the grade – which required Deirdre’s exceptional eye for colour to achieve this seamless ebb and flow effect.

Originally Deirdre designed the carpet in two versions, INDIGO (above) and BEIGE (below) which have become favourite designs amongst clients, we have created both large scale carpets and runners from this endlessly versatile design.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs SEAWASH BEIGE

SEAWASH comes alive hand knotted in lustrous 100% silk (as in the versions above), providing the perfect watery, iridescent finish but has also been recreated several times using varying colourways in hand knotted and gun tufted 100% wool versions.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs

In NAUTICAL Deirdre again treats her source inspiration completely differently – abstracting sea water into fluid but solid geometric shapes, creating a feeling of depth and movement by alternating the same colours in wool and silk.

Clients can of course change these colours from the original water based palate but fundamentally this ‘breaking down’ of the sea to its most basic elements is the key to this design.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs LILYPOND

For LILYPOND Deirdre created a subtle, light to dark grade to give the impression of still pond water.

This circular grade, a challenge for our weavers, creates a sense of depth and bursts of colour are provided by the silk lilypads creating a 3D  effect.




Both these designs are based on light (silk bars) reflected on sea water (a graded wool background)

SEASCAPE is an incredible 7m in width, reflecting the expansiveness of the sea and a chance for Deirdre to illustrate just how large hand knotted carpets can be.

SEASCAPE features shots of sunlight on the sea’s surface whilst SEA MIST uses stormier hues and was made on a more domestic scale but is no less effective.

SEASCAPE is currently available in it’s original 7 x 2.3m size and as a 1 x 2.9m runner in our sample sale.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs

Whilst not strictly inspired by water itself, the first of Deirdre’s mosaic designs was inspired by mosaic lined Roman ponds, the intricacy of ROMAN POND poses a challenge to our weavers as the thin lines of wool ‘grouting’ around the ingots of silk are incredibly complex to achieve (and individually carve out) but the finished effect is stunning.


The everyday source inspiration for this rug only adds to its allure  – RIVULETS mimics the trail of rain drops on a window pane – the simplest of inspiration led Deirdre to this wonderfully subtle graded design.

Finally this year’s LOOKING GLASS Collection was inspired by glass and glass objects including a water filled flask in LOOKING THROUGH, discarded pieces of sea worn glass in FLOATING GLASS and abstracted light and forms through glass and water in LIGHT FRAGMENTS.  See the full collection here.

Looking for inspiration for your home? Explore all of Deirdre Dyson’s entirely bespoke rug designs in our Design Library and imagine how you could make it your own.  Contact us with any enquiries.


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Bespoke Hand knotted rugs for a Child’s room or Nursery

Hand knotted rugs are a surprisingly good choice for children’s rooms.  As natural fibres, wool and silk are naturally resilient and when looked after properly clean well and last a lifetime.

Wool and silk are naturally hypoallergenic, and unlike machine made carpets hand knotted rugs do not use glues and avoid any of the chemical compounds found in synthetic fibres, an important factor with the increase in asthma and allergies amongst small children.

There is an ever-increasing awareness of ‘off gassing’ and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in interior design products and hand knotted rugs emit little or no VOCs.  Selecting a hand made rug in natural materials can help maintain safe levels in the home.

A deep pile in wool and silk dampens sound, provide a soft, comfortable and tactile floor covering and of course create a soft surface for inevitable tumbles.

As sustainable, heirloom quality products Deirdre Dyson’s hand knotted rugs are made to last.

Investment pieces, the right design can grow with a child and become a familiar piece of home they take with them to university and beyond.

We selected a few of Deirdre’s archive designs that would suit a child’s room or play space.  As always, every rug is bespoke and colours, size and design can be adapted to suit any room or requirement.

ANGELFISH is a playful, graphic cut-out design in practical black wool highlighted with striking blue silk elements, it would make an ideal addition to a play or bedroom.

DAISY and DAISY CHAIN are two designs perfect for a girls’ bedroom – the subtle colour palettes set off Deirdre’s renderings of a favourite flower.

DAISY CHAIN and DAISY from the 2012 collection

Little girls are also well catered for by Deirdre Dyson’s Butterfly collection – here a version of MARIPOSA, often selected by Interior Designers for nurseries, is rendered in soft pinks and created in a round shape to add contrast.

BUBBLEGUM with its vibrant pops of pink silk would be a great addition to any room and is a design that can easily grow with a child.  Practically the purple/grey wool grade on the background is very forgiving and would be a good choice where the occasional spill may happen.

Children’s spaces give the opportunity to go bold with colour choice – SWEETLIPS with its vibrant burnt orange border or HARLEQUIN from the Plumage collection would make a striking addition to any room, with the addition of interesting shapes for imaginary play.


Finally this is FOLD OUT, a brand new design from this year’s PAPER & STONE collection is the perfect playful addition to a child’s space – Deirdre was inspired by paper dolls to create the silk border of this circular rug and selected muted pink tones for our sample version but colour could be really ramped up to add vibrancy and fun to this clever design.  Contact us to create your custom version.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs