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Bespoke Hand knotted rugs for a Child’s room or Nursery

Hand knotted rugs are a surprisingly good choice for children’s rooms.  As natural fibres, wool and silk are naturally resilient and when looked after properly clean well and last a lifetime.

Wool and silk are naturally hypoallergenic, and unlike machine made carpets hand knotted rugs do not use glues and avoid any of the chemical compounds found in synthetic fibres, an important factor with the increase in asthma and allergies amongst small children.

There is an ever-increasing awareness of ‘off gassing’ and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in interior design products and hand knotted rugs emit little or no VOCs.  Selecting a hand made rug in natural materials can help maintain safe levels in the home.

A deep pile in wool and silk dampens sound, provide a soft, comfortable and tactile floor covering and of course create a soft surface for inevitable tumbles.

As sustainable, heirloom quality products Deirdre Dyson’s hand knotted rugs are made to last.

Investment pieces, the right design can grow with a child and become a familiar piece of home they take with them to university and beyond.

We selected a few of Deirdre’s archive designs that would suit a child’s room or play space.  As always, every rug is bespoke and colours, size and design can be adapted to suit any room or requirement.

ANGELFISH is a playful, graphic cut-out design in practical black wool highlighted with striking blue silk elements, it would make an ideal addition to a play or bedroom.

DAISY and DAISY CHAIN are two designs perfect for a girls’ bedroom – the subtle colour palettes set off Deirdre’s renderings of a favourite flower.

DAISY CHAIN and DAISY from the 2012 collection

Little girls are also well catered for by Deirdre Dyson’s Butterfly collection – here a version of MARIPOSA, often selected by Interior Designers for nurseries, is rendered in soft pinks and created in a round shape to add contrast.

BUBBLEGUM with its vibrant pops of pink silk would be a great addition to any room and is a design that can easily grow with a child.  Practically the purple/grey wool grade on the background is very forgiving and would be a good choice where the occasional spill may happen.

Children’s spaces give the opportunity to go bold with colour choice – SWEETLIPS with its vibrant burnt orange border or HARLEQUIN from the Plumage collection would make a striking addition to any room, with the addition of interesting shapes for imaginary play.


Finally this is FOLD OUT, a brand new design from this year’s PAPER & STONE collection is the perfect playful addition to a child’s space – Deirdre was inspired by paper dolls to create the silk border of this circular rug and selected muted pink tones for our sample version but colour could be really ramped up to add vibrancy and fun to this clever design.  Contact us to create your custom version.

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