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Large Scale Bespoke Carpet for a Corporate Reception

We recently completed this large-scale commission for an underwriting company in the City.

Large Scale Bespoke Rug – Floor Plan

The brief was to create an eye-catching design but in an unusual shape, detailed in the floorplan above.

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

As can be seen from the ‘before’ images above, the area where the carpet was required replaced an existing hardwood floor which had been zoned into meeting areas.

The proposal was to open up this area and cover the footprint with a carpet concealing any remnant of the supports for the room dividers, which meant the floor had to be levelled off with latex.

From the outset it was decided a 100% wool carpet, hand-tufted here in Britain would be ideal.  This combination of hard wearing wool and the relative speed of hand tufting for such a large project was perfect for practical purposes and the delivery time involved.

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

Commercial Sales & Marketing Designer Alice and Designer Nichola visited the site and selected colours, matched with existing carpeting on the same floor and taking inspiration from the large curved blue glass meeting room which is the focal point of the reception area.  Again wear was a major consideration in an area where there is a large volume of foot traffic and a pallette of blacks, greys and blues was decided on.

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

Colourways agreed, the challenge was to find a design that worked with this unusual, organic shape. Deirdre and Nichola worked on several designs and shortlisted three for presentation to the client, one based on the ever-popular STREAMER design and the others on archive designs SPOTLIGHT and PLECTRUMS.

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

Large Scale Bespoke Rug

The final choice was SPOTLIGHT, which, as can be seen in the finished images, works incredibly successfully – the looped line leads the eye around the interconnected ‘puddles’ of colour which in turn create a connection with the blue glass pod, making for a superb focal point in this newly open plan, inviting space.


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Inspiring Spring…

In the latest of Edison’s occasional interior design posts he draws inspiration from this season’s colours.

Now that spring has arrived and summer is just a few months away, I’m always interested to check out the new season’s colours.

Seasonal colour palettes draw inspiration from the moment but with suggested longevity, way beyond the season for which it is intended. Use them as guides to colour combinations and let them take you on an imaginative, creative journey.

This seasons colours remind me of the beautiful Islamic tiles found in the old Persian regions of Iran and Iraq or those found even closure to home, such as Turkey or Tunisia.

Wonderfully ornate but with a sense of lightness, these colours are often blended together to create dynamic patterns that flow into one another seamlessly, by way of soft geometry.

In a flawless execution and with absolute precision, the smallest pattern is in essence, a part of a larger, more intricate picture.

By using the softer end of the colour palette, you can go bolder with your pattern. Blue Mosaic wallpaper

These mosaics use elements of the Pantone colour palette to bold, visual effect and can be applied to floors as well as the walls.

Our BEJEWELLED design from the ‘Mosaic Collection’ combines the softer colours of the palette too but with shots of the pink and blue to great effect. The perfect Aladdin’s carpet.

We’ll be posting carpet designs featuring each colour on our Instagram feed over the last two weeks of April, click here to view our full feed.








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From Concept to Carpet

Every Deirdre Dyson rug design starts as a drawing and is hand coloured by Deirdre. The designs are then faithfully translated to a digital format in our studio in order to be mapped by our Nepalese weavers and finally woven by hand. Colours are matched from a selection of over 5,000 wool and silk poms.

Deirdre’s background as a Fine Artist and innate sense of colour guides every design. The best way to understand the evolution of the creative journey; from concept to the finished carpet, is through this film created by Deirdre’s long-term Photographer, Colin Peacock.

With each new collection, Colin adds to this visual archive creating a unique record of Deirdre’s design process and acknowledging just how faithful the finished carpets are to Deirdre’s initial sketches.

Where possible, Colin has included Deirdre’s original inspiration, be it a stone or seascape, which tells the backstory for each featured design; however abstracted the finished article.

Enjoy this carefully crafted footage, which will be updated soon with Deirdre’s 2019 collection.



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5 Luxury Rugs to Breathe Life into Your Living Space

There is no better way to bring life to your interior than commission a perfectly proportioned hand knotted luxury rug, custom designed and coloured to suit your space.

The right rug anchors a room, can create a template for the colours used in an interior, frame a piece of furniture, ‘zone’ a space or be a focal point in itself.  Within Deirdre Dyson’s Rug Collection there is something for every scheme.

We’ve selected five of Deirdre Dyson’s luxurious bespoke hand knotted rugs to show how the right design can really bring a space to life.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Plumes


This dynamic design uses three colours, one wool and two silk, making it an easy rug to incorporate into any interior.

It’s the intricacy of this hand knotted rug that truly brings it to life, with a lower pile height and the careful carving of elements, this fine rug sits comfortably in a traditional or contemporary context.

Here it looks perfect in the modernist Ahm House with a classic Arne Jacobsen Egg chair anchoring this restful seating area.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Attitude


An apparently simple design that actually uses five colours in the silk ‘bars’ which can reflect the colours used in your interior, dialling up or down the colour to suit the mood of the room.

In this light and airy open plan penthouse apartment, a range of blues reflect not only the blue supporting columns and the furniture and accessories selected by the owner but also the sky outside.

The carpet also zones the seating area bordered by an L shaped sofa, whilst glass coffee tables are cleverly used so the view of the entire rug design is unobstructed, adding to the light and airy feel of the space.


Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Forest Mosaic


What better way to breathe life into a room than bring the outside in?  The rich palette of green silks used in FOREST MOSAIC would bring an organic freshness to any interior, particularly restful tones for a bedroom or sitting room.

Mosaic is one of Deirdre’s signature motifs and the intricacy of mosaic carpets allow the introduction of several colours which can have varying tonal shifts – for instance ROSE MOSAIC uses graduated reds and pinks whilst the mosaic effect adds a contemporary edge to the floral theme.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Harlequin


This modernist hallway is lifted by the bold primary colours in Deirdre’s HARLEQUIN hand knotted rug from this year’s PLUMAGE Collection.

The pops of red, black and white provide focal points and elements of drama contrasting with the strong blue shades in its wool/silk mix background and work perfectly with the stark simplicity of the brickwork walls and carefully selected furniture and objets.



Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs Dawn


The graded silk copper bars in this hand knotted design reflect the burnished metal fence enclosing the patio outside and the graded blue wool reflects the sky.

Referencing the outside expands the sense of space in this narrow room, cleverly creating an optical illusion as the design is also reflected in the large expanse of glass.

Deirdre Dyson’s colour choices in this rug lifts this otherwise stark garden room and gives focus and softness to a space that could otherwise seem austere and unwelcoming.  The perfect place to relax on the classic Eames lounge chairs!

Interested in seeing more?

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Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Collaboration with Rinck Paris

Deirdre Dyson is one of the exclusive brands selected by Rinck Paris for their curated collaboration At Home with a Connoisseur #chezunconnoiseur,  a space filled with the best of contemporary art and design selected by Rinck in collaboration with tastemaker, and Deirdre Dyson French representative, Julia Van Hagen.

Having recently opened a showroom in nearby rue des saints-pères, Rinck selected two of Lady Dyson’s rug designs from this year’s LOOKING GLASS Collection – the bold and graphic SLIVERS and vibrant, organic TRANSPARENT, both hand knotted in Nepal in the finest Tibetan wool and Pure silk.

The curated space includes the latest addition to Rinck’s Félicité collection, a monumental bronze ceiling light, suspended above a table from the same collection.  This is juxtaposed with a period 1940s sideboard, typical of a late Art Deco style that brought the house such success in the post-war period. Above the sideboard are a further two wall lights from the Félicité collection, uniting these two Rinck designs separated by seven decades of history.

Facing this sideboard, Savannah Bay Gallery contributed contemporary stools by the Zieta Prozessdesign Studio, home of Polish architect Oskar Zieta. Constructed in sculptural stainless steel with the studio’s Heat finish, they are an inspiring combination of technological innovation and contemporary design. This Paris gallery, always on the lookout for truly dedicated designers, also supplied two table lamps in laminated dichroic glass, the work of Buzao Studio.

The interior was painted by the skilled artisans of Argile and features two of the Paris specialists’ custom shades, Atelier Red and Scala, creating the perfect bold backdrop for the beautiful objets on view.

The exclusive wallpaper is from celebrated English company Fromental, “The Classicist Sketchbook” is a collaborative new design, inspired by full-scale sketches from Rinck’s design archive.

To enhance the space imagined by Rinck, Julia Van Hagen chose a series of potent modern works, with a photograph by Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil, a mixed-media work by New York painter Borden Capalino, a canvas painted in malachite ink by Californian Matthew Brandt and a painting by Jonathan Monk.

This unmissable design event, co-inciding with Paris Design Week takes place from 3rd – 24th September  at 21 Rue Bonaparte in Paris by appointment.  To arrange your visit please contact or take an in-depth virtual tour here!

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Deirdre Dyson bespoke FALLING RIBBONS rug in a St. Moritz Chalet

FALLING RIBBONS is one of Deirdre’s classic designs and a favourite with both Interior Decorators and private clients.

We were approached by interior designers Woodstock Designs (a subsiduary of Spencer-Churchill) to create a hand-knotted, oval-shaped version of the design with an accompanying runner for the living room and hallway of a chalet apartment in St. Moritz (see floorplan below).

Proposed layout of FALLING RIBBONS rug & runner
Proposed layout of FALLING RIBBONS rug & runner

The designers had settled on bold primary colours for the silk ‘ribbons’ on a cream wool ground and our Designer Nichola set to work selecting harmonious shades and adapting the designs to suit.

Falling Ribbons

We love how the finished carpet sits with the curved shape of the sofa and the way the complementary runner connects the open plan space.

Falling Ribbons

The designers choice of blue and yellow patterned cushions and the bold red drum lampshade subtly pick out the ribbon colours and the choice of a clear glass coffee table is an inspired one, allowing the central tangle of ribbons to be enjoyed fully.

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A Date for your Diary!

Now an established highlight of the season, the annual Chelsea Design Quarter‘s (CDQ) Summer Street Party takes place on Wednesday 7th June between 6-9pm.

This year’s theme is ‘Circus’ with the hub of the party running from the ‘bridge to the bend’ stretch of the Kings Road and late opening of all participating showrooms.

Browse the wide variety of interiors businesses the quarter has to offer whilst you enjoy drinks, nibbles and circus-inspired street entertainment.

CDQ has over 50 member showrooms covering carpets and lighting, fabrics and furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, antiques and collectibles, prints and paintings and bespoke galore. Classic and traditional sit cheek by jowl with contemporary and modern – the Summer Street Party is the ideal time to explore our very special part of South West London!

Follow @ChelseaQuarter for more information.




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The Price of Free – the work of Goodweave’s Kailash Satyarthi

We are proud partners of GoodWeave, a charity striving to end child labour in the rug industry but few of us really understand the extent of child exploitation in the supply chains of everyday items from food products, clothing, jewellery, homewares – the list is endless and as consumers we are unwittingly complicit.

Noble Peace Prize winner and founder of GoodWeave Kailash Satyarthi features in the feature-length documentary The Price of Free, highlighting the work undertaken be his team across the globe rescuing children from slavery.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize, US Documentary at Sundance 2018, this profoundly moving and eye-opening film is a must see, especially as the frenzy of Christmas spending is underway.  Please take the time to view.


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A hand knotted rug is a significant investment, the time, effort and skill involved in creating your custom rug or carpet cannot be rushed and depends on the highest-level artisan skills of our Nepalese weavers.

Hand knotting has always been Deirdre Dyson’s preferred method of rug manufacture and as a skilled artist, the choice and selection of colour is imperative.

The processes involved in creating a hand knotted rug cannot be rushed, starting with the initial design consultation and design work which takes as long as required to realise your perfect rug design and colourways.

BESPOKE involves a considered tailoring of a specific design to meet the requirements of each and every customer. Choosing the correct colours so that each carpet compliments rather than fights with your space is crucial.

The finished rug should feel that it belongs, just like the shawl for a dress or a style of shade for a lamp base, this element of the design process is probably the most important part of a carpets’ creative journey.

All of our hand knotted rugs are created from or inspired by one of Deirdre’s original rug designs in your preferred size and our hand knotted rugs are woven in 100% Tibetan wool and/or Chinese silk with the direct input of Deirdre and her experienced team.

With over 5,000 available colours, it can seem quite overwhelming when faced with such a selection. But our trained expert eyes are here to help, guide and assist you in your selection.


Take the colour red for example. We have many to choose from ranging from vibrant to muted, creamy to spicy, those that sit back or those that jump out; there are more variants of red than you could dare to imagine.

Selecting the right tone to match to your curtain fabric, a painting on the wall or not to fight too much with that grey sofa are some of the considerations we take into account when developing your bespoke carpet.

Our colour reference library is made up of ‘poms’ that are perfectly proportioned to take on our consultations and to use freely around the design studio at 554 Kings Road. An industry standard reference tool, our library is the equivalent of Pantone for the fashion world and is regularly updated and constantly expanding.

A selection of Deirdre’s designs incorporating a red colour palette clearly demonstrates the variations of effect on the finished piece. From the sublime grading of reds to blues in the DUSK design and the transition from reds to pinks in ROMANCE are studied, soft and fluid.


Whereas RUBY and SHIMMER use contrast of reds to emphasis shape, direction and geometry.



Just as much work and consideration goes into every rug we make for our customers as goes into making our original examples which are on display at the Kings Road gallery.


Ultimately Deirdre Dyson’s rugs are heirlooms and designed to last.

Wool and silk are by nature robust materials and by following our care instructions these rugs can be enjoyed for generations.

When you buy a bespoke hand knotted rug you are purchasing a contemporary collectable, an artwork for the floor which transcends trends and changing fashions.