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GoodWeave – Ending Child Labour and Modern Slavery Across the Supply Chain

Our partnership with GoodWeave is hugely important to us, it’s core focus continues to be the eradication of child labour in the carpet and rug industry, providing educational opportunities for children and improving conditions for all workers.

GoodWeave’s work has led to the freedom and education of over 25,000 children and improved conditions for over 55,000 workers but it is an ongoing struggle to maintain existing successes and increase scope.

An estimated 5 million children (between the ages of 5 and 17) work in the carpet and rug industry in India, Pakistan and Nepal – indicating the scale of the task in this area alone.

That said, with proven results in our industry, GoodWeave has recently expanded its working model to the wider (and even more complex) supply chains within the fashion, home décor, jewellery, tea and brick making industries.

The recently passed Modern Slavery Act in the UK firmly places the responsibility on companies to root out and eradicate child labour from their supply chains, beyond first tier suppliers and has provided essential funding for GoodWeave’s expansion into these other areas.

The GoodWeave label is so important, by buying something GoodWeave certified, such as a Deirdre Dyson rug (where a percentage of our quarterly sales go directly to the charity) you are actively supporting an end to child labour and changing the fate of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Soon, you will be able to look out for GoodWeave labels in an ever-increasing number of areas and make the choice to end child labour for good.

To read more about GoodWeave’s work and read their annual report click here.