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Staff Profile: Agnes Guillard

Agnes Guillard is our European Sales & Marketing Manager. She is in charge of our Parisian office and is developing the B2B market in France and Europe. She began working with the company in March 2013.

Agnes Guillard

1) Looking back over the past year, what would you say was your most memorable moment working at Deirdre Dyson?

The most memorable event of the past year was to organise and participate to the Maison & Objet exhibition in January 2014 in Paris, as we had a very positive response from visitors. It was a great experience to meet clients and to present our new collection to the International press.

2) From the choice of Deirdre Dyson designs, is there a particular favourite that you have and if so, why?

My favourite design is SEA WASH because it is stunning with lovely graded colours. It stands out from our last collection thanks to its minimalist style with an original twist. It is a very elegant design, which I think is a perfect for the French market.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs SEAWASH BEIGE

3) As a member of the CDQ, (Chelsea Design Quarter) is there a particular company or showroom within the vicinity that you like or would recommend to others?

I would recommend Paris Ceramics with their unique craft techniques. They do make some beautiful stone floors.

Paris Ceramics
Example: Antique Grey Barr

Antique Grey Barr shares many of the same qualities and history as its sister stone Antique Blonde Barr. Both stones come from the Languedoc region of France, the main difference being colour. Antique Grey Barr ranges from rich to palest grey with subtle undertones of golden beige.

4) Seeing that Christmas is fast approaching, what would be on your ‘Christmas wish list’ as the ultimate present?

My ultimate present would be a reflex camera, as I love photography and want to learn more about numeric technique.

5) And what are you looking forward to in the New Year?

I am looking forward to the next Maison & Objet, it is such an important event for our brand: the launch of our New Collection. It’s so exciting!