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We’re looking for a new Commercial Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator – someone who will give our existing clients the highest level of service whilst proactively building relationships and identifying new marketplaces.
An outgoing personality, excellent organisational abilities and ‘can do’ attitude a must.

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Deirdre Dyson VISTA carpet collection launches at Maison et Objet Paris

Deirdre Dyson conjures up nature’s transient beauty with launch of Vista Collection

A reflection of the unravelling of time itself; the skeleton of a MAPLE and the shadow of its memory, the peeling skin of a silver birch and tumbling stones in a rushing brook, Deirdre Dyson returns to the international stage with the launch of her striking new VISTA Collection at Maison & Objet Paris (January 20-24, 2017 – Hall 7 Stand H116).  Stimulated by nature’s ephemeral splendour, the nine new carpet designs showcase Deirdre’s signature contemporary style.

“My Vista Collection is inspired by glimpses and observations taken on walks in the countryside – standing under trees with falling leaves, enchanted by bulrushes in still water and exquisite bright green water lilies floating above a mysterious deep, dark pond.  I like to use colour grading techniques and strong and subtle tonal contrasts to create optical illusions, highlighting nature’s dramatic and transient beauty.  The collection is intended to inspire clients to commission their own piece of art for the floor.

Deirdre Dyson’s training in fine art is apparent in her masterful use of colour across the collection.  In BULRUSHES, the gradual change in hue and precise contrast in light and shade create the illusion of reflection on still water to beautiful effect.  Similarly, the tonal change in LILY POND emphasises the depth of the pond and contrasts effectively with the brightness of the lily pads – a circular silhouette makes this a true representation of the natural world. Deirdre’s characteristic wit is exemplified in UNRAVEL, drawing on the core inspiration of real landscapes, whilst depicting the concept of unravelling threads, naturally colour-graded to perfection.

Each Deirdre Dyson carpet is totally bespoke and can be fitted or free-standing.  Customers can take inspiration from Deirdre’s ideas, but apply their own personal touch through colour, shape, size and design elements.  Deirdre’ Dyson makes carpets to suit different budgets and applications.  They can be hand-knotted by Tibetan experts, practiced in this ancient skill, who use Chinese or Indian silk and the finest Tibetan wool.  Or they can be hand-tufted in Scotland or Yorkshire, from the best quality New Zealand wool.






Timothy Hatton’s Human Nature installation at Aqua Shard

Architect Timothy Hatton, who was responsible for re-modelling our 554 Kings Road showroom into a stunning gallery space last year, recently unveiled his latest project Human Nature – a vast triple height Christmas installation at Aqua Shard, London.

Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature was designed by Tim to remind us of the importance of protecting our fragile eco system through recycling and features thousands of recycled plastic 3D printed leaves of native English woodland species such as English Oak and Silver Birch. The structure is also enhanced by specialist lighting designed by Lighting Design International.

The installation was commissioned to commemorate patron of the charity Fauna & Flora International, Sir David Attenborough’s, 90th birthday.

After the installation is dismantled, individual pieces of the artwork will be available for sale. Of these, 90 sets will be produced as limited edition collections which will be raffled by purchasers of single and multiple leaves. All proceeds will directly benefit Fauna and Flora International.

Human Nature

For details of how to purchase leaves click here

Human Nature is on view until 5th January 2017.

SPIRAL in a German Residential Project

Deirdre Dyson’s European Representative, Agnes Guillard, was recently approached by a Parisian Interior Designer to create a carpet for a residential project based in Germany.


Deirdre’s SPIRAL design was selected in its original colour ways.


In collaboration with the designer, and as part of our bespoke service, we re-worked the colours and simplified the design, in order to enhance the furniture selection and play with the silk and wool materials.


SPIRAL looks stunning in its final scheme and really connects with the architect designed table.



Continuing his occasional series on Interior Design, Deirdre Dyson’s Company Manager & trained Interior Designer Edison Abidi gives his tips on bringing Spring colour into your home.

Although UK weather is never reliable or consistent (except when it rains!) we’re well into Spring and there’s no better time to draw inspiration from this seasons colour trend of pastel peaches, yellow, light rose quartz through to earthy, coffee colours and natural green and blue tones.

Pantone Spring 2016 Color Report

If there isn’t much in the way of sparkling clear waters, warmer sun and delicate flowers outside, then introduce these reference colours onto your walls, floors and accessories by applying spring colours in combination or by using only a select few.


It’s nice to think on a grander scale such as this interior featured by Elle Décor, where modern classic and traditional work well in a space.

If, like many other homes, you have plain light walls, then changing the general colour palette should be easy and won’t require a lot of time or expense. By introducing a few select items here and there, you can achieve the spring look that will take you right through spring, summer, into Autumn and way beyond.


Mix and match modern fixtures alongside vintage and vintage inspired pieces. These are often produced in vibrant, as well as muted tones, such as these DSW Eames chairs.

A grey background (found here on the expanse of floor) really helps even the most muted colours to stand out.


For a bolder statement, try picking two or three contrasting colours and work them to the max. This bold wallpaper with vibrant red and dark blue leaves, works surprisingly well against the woven, blue carpet and the gold and black accessories.


Our Coral carpet is the perfect choice for a floor feature and encapsulates the feeling of spring and is bang on trend with this years, spring colours.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs CORAL

On a much smaller scale, try adding some vintage glass vases and beakers to a shelf, window sill or table top. These usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look spectacular when grouped together with simple, freshly cut flowers.

Deirdre Finalist in Wool Carpet & Rug Awards 2016

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs BEYOND

Deirdre was thrilled to be a finalist in both the Rug Design of the Year Award (for the design BEYOND, pictured above) and the Design section of the Hall of Fame Award at the The Campaign for Wool inaugural International Wool Carpet & Rug Awards at the Wool Floor Show London at Chelsea Football Club last night.

Wool Carpet & Rug Awards

Wool Carpet & Rug Awards

Congratulations to the winners in all categories and see you next year!

Deirdre Dyson Legal Copyright Infringement Success

Copyright Infringement Success

Deirdre Dyson designs are completely unique and, as such, are protected by copyright.

This was tested recently when an interior design company supplied its customer with a carpet reproduced from Deirdre’s artwork without her permission.

Unfortunately, she had to take the matter to the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, which upheld her claim of copyright infringement and also awarded damages and costs.

It is disappointing that so much time and money had to be spent to protect intellectual property rights, but when designs are copied unlawfully, the courts need to be notified in order to highlight the seriousness of what is an increasingly common practice.

UPDATE: As instructed by the courts the copy was returned to us and recently destroyed.

’tis the Season to be Bold with Silver and Gold!

There’s a festive feel to Edison‘s latest Interiors post.

Now that we’re in the run up to Christmas when there’s an abundance of all things sparkling and shiny in homes and shops across the land, what better opportunity to talk about two of my favourite interior design elements – GOLD and SILVER.

GOLD is immediately associated with luxury, particularly in the world of fashion and until recently not so much with today’s modern interiors.

In recent years, there has been a definite shift back to the more traditional luxury materials, particularly when used in an understated way.

Gold remains forever warm and familiar. It’s the perfect conduit in bridging different styles and influences.

Gold is also a comforting colour and an element that, when used correctly, can make a bold statement whilst remaining perfectly refined.  Gold is now being given new and exciting applications in the form of furniture, accessories and sculpture.

I’ve selected some favourite interiors which use gold in particularly inspired ways.

Oriental Day Bed

This traditional, ebonised oriental day bed, as featured in House Beautiful, is set against a trompe l’oeil backdrop and is brought into the 21st century by means of the highly polished gold side table and muted side lamps.

Alfred von Escher Studio 247 Sicily Home

The interior of designer Alfred Von Escher’s home and office in their Italian Palazzo (above) mixes modern and vintage industrial furniture, within a classical setting. The application of gold leaf on the mouldings of the walls and ceilings are subtle highlights that brings a sense of warmth into the space.

Louisa Grey

UK based interior stylist Louisa Grey (who styled our 2015 Collection lifestyle images) is a big fan of gold.  Here, she uses it in a refined way adding warmth and visual interest into a fairly monochromatic interior by way of coffee table, side table and a vertical run of gilded wall sconces.

From super sleek and polished tableware to more rustic applications, such as leafing, gold is finding it’s way back into our homes and this time, for a more appreciated stay.

SILVER on the other hand can be used in abundance and works well even in the smallest of areas or when layered.

It can be introduced into a space using a wide range of materials and finishes, from matt to polished, from chrome to aluminium, silver leaf, mirrors and crystal.

It’s not just about using the actual colour, it’s also about creating references to silver and silver tones. Silver is the perfect colour for reflecting any light source within darker areas.

Hollywood Regency

In this Hollywood Regency-style interior, the silver gilt lamp base is reflected back off the wall mirror and mirrored cube side table, keeping the space light and airy even when using larger sized decorative pieces and bold contrasting colours of the side chairs.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs ODEON

Our ODEON design would look fantastic here, working well with this style and space.

Deirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs ORIGAMI

On the silver theme, our ORIGAMI carpet is another design that comes to mind, with the use of silver-grey silk panels against the richer aubergine wool background, it harps back to a bygone age of 1940’s glamour.

If you’re still undecided on whether to introduce silver or gold into your space, then why not consider using both?

It’s all about clever interpretation and here is a fine, functional, as well as sculptural example.

Romeo Rega

A modern classic vintage coffee table by Romeo Rega circa 1970s – it’s timeless, modern and elegant, just like silver and gold…

Edison’s Introduction to Colour & Colour Selection

Our Company Manager Edison Abidi is a trained Interior Designer and every now and then he’ll share some of his expertise here on the Blog – today it’s probably the most essential element of your bespoke rug design – colour.

‘People can be daunted by the fact that we have over 2,000 colours to choose from when designing your bespoke carpet but fear not! We are here to help and make the whole process as smooth as possible.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the quantity of colour involved, but most importantly, it’s about how the carpet will eventually harmonise with your environment.

The finished carpet should fit in, create a sense of order and be visually engaging without necessarily being the centre of attention.

Most interiors evolve from an idea or concept or they can just develop naturally over time. Whichever way, they will or should express something of the people that live in them.

Colour will ultimately play an important part of this overall expression.

Keeping the above in mind, we can utilise some very simple formulas (that anyone can adopt) and drill down to find the perfect colours for your carpet.

All these techniques use The Colour Wheel as a starting point.

Colour Wheel

From the three basic primary colours of yellow, blue and red, we can create our secondary colours of green, orange and purple.

Mixing these secondary colours gives us a further palette of yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green.

Colour Wheel

Now imagine breaking that down even further, having all those options of light to heavy saturation for every hue? Well, that’s a lot of colour to consider for anyone (hence our vast selection of colours!)

Colour Wheel

Take a look at a section from our colour range to see the subtle variations involved.

With a little thought we can select colours that work in your interior, and together on your carpet, using these further colour ‘rules’:

Harmonious Colours

Firstly, a colour scheme based on those found in nature, is the most ‘natural’ one, obviously. Colours such as red/brown/green/yellow are all harmonious colours and any of these, in whatever hue, should sit well together.

Colour Wheel

Complementary Colours

Colours that are positioned directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Think blue/orange or red/green. You can then veer off to the left or right of either of these for example, turquoise/brown or turquoise/orange.

Analogue Colours

Another colour scheme can be based on analogue colours, which are colours that sit side by side on a colour wheel. Think red/purple-red/purple as similarly used in our PLECTRUMS carpet (detail illustrated below).


Again this principle can be applied to colours from the same palette such as dark to light in shades of green, see FOREST MOSAIC or the grading in TORN BETWEEN design (detail illustrated).



Like I said, it’s not just about the quantity of colour used. Sometimes harmony is created by not using much colour at all.

Take a look at our SUHAILAH carpet (detail illustrated).


By only using one colour, the carpet is beautifully harmonised simply by the contrast of silk against the wool background. Perfect for an interior where enough colour might already exist.’

Agnes’ “Coups de Coeur” from Maison et Objet

Our Parisian representative Agnes Guillard chooses her top five picks from September’s Maison et Objet Paris.



The exhibition Precious by Elizabeth Leriche in Hall 7 was presenting artists, artisans and designers who were revisiting the codes of luxury.  We were very impressed by Lionel Esteve who applies gold leafs on plants.


Yana Svetlova

Yana Svetlova

Yana Svetlova was presenting her first collection Art Of Imitation with watercolor panos and big scale wallpapers.

Lalie design

Lalie Design

The designer of printed fabrics for home decoration Lalie Design was presenting various colourful prints. In the bedroom displayed, there were seven prints that can be mixed together in the same room. The result was quiet unique.

Sharon Marston

Sharon Marston

Six designs from the bespoke lighting designer Sharon Marston were exposed. We really liked their delicate and organic shapes.

Etienne Moyat

Etienne Moyet

We also discovered the stunning creations in sculpted wood by Etienne Moyat. His finished pieces combined contemporary curves and primitive and raw materials.

Chelsea Design Quarter Summer Street Party 2015

CDQ Summer Street Party 2015

It’s that time of year again, join us on Thursday 11th June from 6-9pm for Chelsea Design Quarter‘s (CDQ) annual Summer Street Party.

The hub of the party runs from the ‘bridge to the bend’ stretch of the Kings Road and all participating showrooms will be open late.

Enjoy street food and entertainment and soak up the atmosphere whilst you browse. No need to RSVP, just come along on the day.

We’d be delighted for you to join us at our temporary showroom ‘under the clock’ at 602 Kings Road for a complimentary drink and goodie bag, including a special promotional flyer for Deirdre’s new book, Walking on Art with a one-off 20% discount code.

CDQ has over 50 member showrooms covering rugs and lighting, fabrics and furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, antiques and collectibles, prints and paintings and bespoke galore. Classic and traditional sit cheek by jowl with contemporary and modern – our Summer Street Party is the ideal time to explore this interiors enclave!

Follow @ChelseaQuarter for more information.

The Lifecycle of a Hand-knotted Carpet or what happens while you are waiting 14-16 weeks

After we’ve helped you choose the right design in the right colours and size to suit your scheme, the finished artwork and exact colour palette is sent to Nepal.

It takes 14-16 weeks to produce a hand knotted carpet, which can seem a long time in our world of instant gratification.

These images show just why your bespoke rug takes such a long time to make and some of the age-old artisan processes used at each stage of its production.

Sorting Wool
Sorting the raw wool
Carding Wool
Carding the wool
Yarn making
Spinning the yarn
Raw Yarn
Bales of yarn ready for dyeing
Bales of Yarn
Bales of yarn ready for dyeing
Dyeing Yarn
Dyeing the yarn
Dyed yarn drying
Dyed yarn drying
Weavers at Work
Weavers at Work
Finished WINDOWS carpet on loom
Finished WINDOWS carpet on loom
Carpet being washed

Once it’s washed, dried and checked your carpet is shipped directly to our London showroom and the finished product is revealed!

Uncovering History

We thought we’d share this piece of history uncovered during the refurbishment of our showroom at 554 Kings Road – a newspaper from 1897, parts completely preserved and stowed away behind a wall.


The Situations Vacant page has an interesting entry showing the rates of pay for various household staff – from £20-28 for cooks to a mere £10 a year for ‘girls’.

Newspaper (close up)

It’s been fascinating watching layers of history appear as the building has been gutted. Pictured below are scraps of wallpaper and paint revealed on the first floor.


And most exciting of all the original sign for ‘Loud & Western Ltd’ laundry was preserved almost perfectly beneath the existing shop front.


Summer Sale Now On

Our Summer Sale runs until Saturday 2nd August.

ALL bespoke orders received during this period are reduced by 20% so it’s the perfect time to order your dream rug or carpeting.

Browse our Design Library for inspiration or arrange an appointment for a consultation either in our 602 Kings Road showroom or at your home (within the M25)

May Design Review 2014

Our second year at May Design Series was an exciting three day event held at the London Excel.

May Design Review

We were there showcasing our 2014 collection, ‘Designs from the Seashore’, including the increasing popular design, Sea Wash.  Deirdre also designed a special fitted carpet inspired by ‘falling sticks’, which was all manufactured here in the UK.

May Design Review

We did not have to go far to find some fantastic and innovative designs from the likes of Sharon Marston and Tom Raffield. It was also exciting to view a selection from the AIMMP group in Portugal at stand I22, where a table with a spinning levitating bowl was a highlight for us, which can be seen below.

May Design Review

Again thank you to all who came to visit our stand, it was lovely to meet you!

Alice & Deirdre Dyson Team

602 …find us under the Clock!

602 Kings Road

Our showroom at 554 Kings Road is undergoing extensive refurbishment so we’ve moved a few doors away to our temporary showroom ‘under the clock’ at 602 Kings Road, right in the heart of the Chelsea Design Quarter.

We thought you’d enjoy a pictorial tour of our new home.  Deirdre decided to decorate in grey including a fabulously luxurious fitted carpet throughout which showcases the vibrant colours of the rug collections perfectly.

The layout was Edison’s vision including the stunning murals featuring lifestyle images of some of our favourite designs.

602 Kings Road

602 Kings Road

We will be here for the next 12-18 months whilst our old showroom undergoes a complete renovation.

Watch this space for updates on the works at 554 the end result of which, if even a fraction the architect’s vision is realised, should be spectacular!

602 Kings Road

Chelsea Design Quarter Summer Street Party

CDQ Summer Street Party

We are proud to be part of Chelsea Design Quarter’s (CDQ)  and delighted that the first CDQ  Summer Street Party on Wednesday 4th June coincides with our relocation to the new Deirdre Dyson temporary showroom at 602 King Road (we’ll be there for 18 months or so while our showroom at 544 receives a hugely exciting refurbishment.)

All participating showrooms will be open late (until 9pm) and the hub of the party runs from the ‘bridge to the bend’ stretch of the Kings Road.

Spend a relaxed summer evening enjoying street food, complimentary drinks and entertainment as well as browsing our showroom, and those of our neighbouring CDQ members, in this design hot spot.

The party is a unique opportunity to meet Deirdre and the team here, view this year’s Designs from the Seashore collection (including the much-admired SEA WASH, which features our innovative colour grading technique) and receive a copy of Deirdre’s exclusive colouring book featuring some favourite designs with a chocolate treat (limited stock).

CDQ is an interiors Mecca, with more than 50 showrooms covering rugs and lighting, fabrics and furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, antiques and collectibles, prints and paintings and bespoke galore. Classic and traditional sit cheek by jowl with contemporary and modern – come and see what this unique design zone has to offer!

Follow @ChelseaQuarter for more information.